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  • 04/29/17--06:34: forum 'ban game' two
  • since the other thread is breaking a lot time to start a new thread to keep going.



    i will start by banning everyone who bans here lol

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    When it comes to protecting my windows computer from malicious software, as well as my own identity when shopping online, i take antivirus protection quite seriously.

    I've used various antivirus products over the years including Trend Micro, AVAST, AVG, Norton etc and I found them all great in their own ways. Norton was a bit slow, but it seemed to protect my PC quite well. 

    I came across this antivirus review page by Computer Fixperts comparing the top antivirus produc...

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  • 06/18/17--19:56: Graphics Programming
  • My current project is coming along nicely. I've been thinking about doing this one for years now. I just finally got around to finally getting around to it.

    Backstory: My father has old books on lithography and printing from when he went to technical school back in the 50s. Some of the stuff in there is not even done anymore. I remember spending hours going through them and seeing stuff on color separations (done the old fashioned way lol) and stuff. The images of some of the halftoning real...

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    I'll start this off again....

    "You may be only one person in the entire world, but if you're really lucky you might be the entire world to one person.", follow this example, and please keep it nice.

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  • 06/19/17--18:52: Clock Missing in Windows 10
  • Win10 Pro 15063.413

    WindowBlinds 10.62

    Any time either my desktop or laptop starts up, the clock disappears so there's just a big blank spot where date/time should be.

    If I load another theme that theme's clock shows up correctly, and if I then change back to the Win8 theme I use, the clock appears.

    Anyone else?  Any ideas why?

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    Let's see those desktop screenshots!


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  • 06/21/17--03:36: Translucent not working
  • Translucent is not working on new computer with fresh win 10 installation, Asus GTX 1070 DUAL 8GB GDDR5 and actual driver,
    any ideas?

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    I am getting the request to update Fences every single day. Win 10 Pro, Winver 15063.413, installed Fences version, Object Desktop manager installed.

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  • 06/21/17--06:41: Version same issues
  • I just updated to and still have two issues....

    1) I have to right click on the desktop to get Fences to show (Or open Windows Explorer - WINDOWS-E)

    2) I can single click an icon on the desktop, and it takes 3-4 seconds for it to even highlight. (show that it's selected)....dragging is unbearable. Moving icons on the desktop is painfully slow.

    These issues were on the last version, and still this new version....I have a new Alienware Laptop, high end for gaming, with Windo...

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    When Windows starts, the System Tray and Start Button loses the style rendering leaving no start button and the System Tray is having the desktop background.

    When I click "Apply style to desktop" everything is fine until next reboot.

    Any clues? Tried to uninstall and reinstall but no luck.



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    I have tried to change different fonts, but nothing seems to get rid of the shadow and bold.

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  • 06/21/17--19:06: MSc Survey Request
  • Hi all,


    Appreciate not many people know me around here, however I wonder if I could beg a few minutes of your time to assist with my Masters research - don't worry, nothing too onerous and it'll take maybe 8-10 minutes:

    I am currently undertaking a MSc in Forensic Mark Comparison at the University of Wolverhampton - the focus of my study is to determine whether infrared 'night vision' CCTV affects one's ability to identify a subject from the imagery.
     The study itself would...

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  • 06/22/17--05:11: June 2017 Promotions
  • Now....let's see if I got this right....[it's been a little while].

    Long ago, in a Galaxy far, far away [March, 2001], was created.

    Slowly, evolving out of the Primordial Swamp there came Users.

    With the relentless March of Time there were Promotions.

    This is but the latest of them.

    Congratulations, one and all....



    Robert_Snyder -  




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  • 06/22/17--08:46: Fences are gone
  • I am running Fences 3.05 and have now lost 2 fences, they wont appear

    I used to have files in 5 fences, now I can only see 3  fences and cannot get the other 2 to appear

    The files are still showing in the desktop folder, but not on the desktop

    Any ideas, thank you very much



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     Customize your PC just the way you like it for less than $10*
    with Fences and Start10!Place files anywhere on your desktop and access them easily with Fences. Set up a Start menu experience
    that matches your style with a Windows 7 or new sleek modern design with Start10.
    Combine the two and conquer your desktop clutter in a style that's unique to your needs.  Reg. $9.99   Now $7.49
    Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences.

    Create sh...

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    I have 3 monitors and set for each monitor own wallpaper background, however, fences seems like drawing transparent background from wallpaper of different monitor, please see this screenshot


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    Every time Fences has an update available its notification kicks me out of whatever I was doing.  Today it cost me an online match, which as you can understand is infuriating.  How do I disable the update notifications?  Frankly unless there's some kind of major security bug I don't see any reason to ever update it.  I've been through the Configure Fences menu but the option doesn't seem to be on any of the pages.

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    so recently I have bought the regular fences app for my Windows 10 Pro desktop. Everything works like expected while trying the trial version. but here's something i have experienced while using both trial and full version..

    when i try to create a folder.. open a folder/icon.. or move a folder. or just make selection with the mouse/cursor. its kinda slow process! I don't know if it's just me but its kinda laggy or unresponsive, here's what i mean:

    with fences enabled:


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    I had this ever since I tried Fences months ago on Windows 10. I have the latest Fences, the latest Windows 10 Creator's Update, latest drivers, etc. - no problems with stability or graphics or anything. 

    As you know, the Recycle Bin icon changes based on whether there is something in it or not. The icon displays the bin as either empty when it is empty or full when there is something present it. That is how it is supposed to be on regular desktop and how it is when Fences 3 is NOT used....

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    This post has zero to do with politics. I want none on it. While it is relevant to recent events, there's a lot more to it, namely how the Internet has to change for everyone's security (and why it probably won't).

    The simple fact it that it is extremely difficult to catch cyber criminals and not much effort is made to actually do so. Why? Because it is almost impossible to accurately attribute attacks. This is because of the way the net was designed by DARPA way back wh...

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    This quick tips video will show you some of the key features of Start10 and the personalization settings you can use to customize your PC. Watch to see the Win 7 and Modern Start menu style options and configuration of the appearance settings.

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    I like Fences.  It makes the computer experience more organized and efficient.  When I like a program I tend to imagine how it can be even better.  Here are new feature suggestions based on my musings:

    1. Time-based passthrough fences.  A user could set up a "Recent Documents" fence that would hold all documents that had been on the desktop for a certain period of time set by the user - say for up to 3 days.  After 3 days, a document object goes back to the deskt...

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  • 06/24/17--08:17: I Agree
  • I agree there needs to be an always on top option for roll-up fences placed on edge of the screen.

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    I received a diagnostic that a DLL was missing and to try reinstalling.  The program uninstall failed.  In both cases, the reason was that DLL MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll was missing.  I then did an uninstall with REVO Uninstaller and attempted a new install.  I was unable to do a fresh install and the same diagnostic was presented.

    update: resolved with a system restore.  suspect botched windows update.

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  • 06/24/17--20:31: People will hit me, but.....
  • What ya listenin' to at the moment?

    Me?...a great bit of serious guitar work called 'Yo Momma', from Frank Zappa [Sheik Yerbootie] kinda music, and something even Hendrix would have been proud of....