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  • 08/06/17--07:02: forum 'ban game' two
  • since the other thread is breaking a lot time to start a new thread to keep going.



    i will start by banning everyone who bans here lol

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  • 08/08/17--21:30: People will hit me, but.....
  • What ya listenin' to at the moment?

    Me?...a great bit of serious guitar work called 'Yo Momma', from Frank Zappa [Sheik Yerbootie] kinda music, and something even Hendrix would have been proud of....

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  • 08/14/17--13:49: Vision
  • Finished. -In Moderation.   

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    Recently purchased WindowsBlinds for Windows 10 and was hoping to simply change the background color of Windows Explorer from its stark white to something a bit darker, but saw that the only way to customize anything was to either make a skin using SkinStudio (which applies a lot of aspects of much older Windows OS') or to edit a preset skin which changes much more than I'd like. Even the WinCustomize website is sorely lacking in anything recent for Windows 10.


    Is there any way to j...

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    So since i got tired of the Adobe subscription model, i was looking for something to replace Photoshop.
    I looked around and found Affinity photo, it is 54,99 euros, it has a buy once update forever model.
    It seems to have all of the functions of Photoshop, or at least i have not found something important missing yet.
    One of the coolest things is probably live preview on tools, + it loads PSD files faster than photoshop
    I know surreptitious advertising of some degree but i think it woul...

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    If you have compatibility issues with WindowBlinds and an application or game, please do let us know in this thread so we can investigate it and hopefully resolve the problem.

    Please make sure you are running the latest version of WindowBlinds first and that the problem exists with a theme included with WindowBlinds vs a downloaded one. 

    Please provide as much detail as you can, screenshots of the problem, information on the application itself, how to reproduce the problem and if...

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  • 08/19/17--11:58: 0 MB Update
  • Hey there,

    I got a problem.

    From time to time the update wants to be done. It pops up and I click "download now".

    After that, it "starts downloading".

    Well, kind of. It is always on the progress bar at 0 mb / 0 mb.

    Its an empty update. And thus it will never end "downloading".

    How to fix this?

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  • 08/19/17--12:02: Out- dropping icons
  • Hey there,

    ocassionally icons happen to drop out from my roll- up fences which I positioned on the edge of the screen.

    When that happens, I need to relocate and drop it into the fence again.

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    Well, this important because there are a couple of graphics extensions and we all love graphics, right?

    According to recent Proofpoint research, eight extensions for the Google Chrome web browser have been compromised by attackers, sending malicious ads to the affected users. In a report, Proofpoint explained that the authors of these extensions had their credentials stolen, allowing the attacker to take over...The attacks occurred primarily in July and August 2017, with the at...

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    Thinking of doing a somewhat "Modern" skin here. As an example this is one I was commissioned to do several years ago called Flaty. It was never released and won't ever be, but I was thinking of doing a somewhat modern flat skin for public release. Do you think I should do one or not? I would really appreciate your comments.   

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  • 08/20/17--01:12: Fences Pro v1.10
  • I have a bug in my Fences Pro application. The option "exclude this pictogram (icon) from quick-hide" isn't working anymore. I have about 11 icons that remain visible at quick-hide, but can't add any more. If I delete one I can't add a new one either, and I remain with 10 instead of 11. So it has nothing tot do with too much icons that remain visible after quick-hide.

    Please help.

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  • 08/20/17--07:06: Task Bar Crashes
  • I'm running Win 10 Creators update (i.e. build 1703) with latest updates on two machines that also run win blinds (latest version) and am having the same problem on both of them.

    The task bar will submerge to half its normal size and nothing can be accessed for several minutes (when I touch the mouse to the taskbar I just get the hour glass) -- and whatever I have open is also unresponsive. If I open task manager sometimes it clears up, otherwise it stays this way for up to 10 minutes. This h...

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  • 08/20/17--08:23: Folder Portal
  • Can anyone tell me how to rename a Folders Portal? I can make a new one and move the folders, but I simply want to change the name. Thanks.

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    Sorry to make this post because I loved them both, and there are just no words anymore.

    Dick Gregory at 84, Jerry Lewis at 91...

    Sorry, no videos, blurbs about them...because...there are no words.

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  • 08/21/17--17:15: Happy Birthday Eclipse day!
  • Last week, as a joke, I posted an image to Facebook of what (I thought) would be an awesome t-shirt design for my birthday today (which also happens to feature an eclipse across much of the US.

    Wincustomize member teddybearcholla took it upon herself to make one and send it to me.

    In the fifteen years (!!!) I have been a member here I am constantly surprised at what great friendships I have made.


    You all are pretty great! (but teddybearcholla is super-great today!)


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    Skins are not rendering properly on Firefox Portable (37.02)
    On the screenshot you can see that top of the toolbar above the tab becomes invisible/clear

    Of particular note is that I have instructed WindowBlinds not to skin the software, and to use disabled skin with same result. Venom theme is still being applied to Firefox portable

    Windowblinds Unloaded with default firefox theme:
    Windowblinds Active:

    I ...

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    It's back to school season! For some of you college-bound grads, it's "first time at a new school" season. If you're worried about how to keep track of all the new syllabuses and assignments you're going to have, stay productive, AND manage all of your budding social engagements on top of that, we have something for you. The productivity apps in the Object Desktop suite will make organizing the stuff piling up on your computer just a little bit easier, and the added customiza...

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    After installing Fences 3.03 on Windows 10, every time while showing the desktop (by using Win+D or pressing show desktop button), Windows explorer crashes and then restarts.

    We could observe the desktop is re-drawn and sometime there will be a dialog saying Fences cannot be loaded.


    Here is reliability history


    Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

    Problem signature
    Problem Ev...

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  • 08/22/17--16:36: Warp 10 is UP!
  • Finally finished the latest Skin(s) -WARP 10 !     Link

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    Today, Stardock released an update for Fences. Version 3.05 includes Simplified Chinese language support along with some adjustments to existing features. Fences allows a user to automatically organize their Windows desktop shortcuts and icons in shaded areas that can be hidden by double-clicking to reduce clutter. A recent demand for Fences from the Asia / Pacific marketplace prompted the new Simplified Chinese language addition. Simplified Chinese language support brings the organization ...

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    Is there a way to get Fences to have unique applications open on each desktop page? Not just unique icons?

    EG. I want to have chrome open on page 1 and firefox open on page 2, and VisualStudio open on page 3.


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    Is there a way to define mouse buttons for multi desktop switching move left / move right.

    EG. I want to be able to use mouse button side back to move left and mouse button side forward to move right. At the moment I'm having to use my mouse software to remap those buttons to use ALT + LEFT or ALT + RIGHT, but now I no longer have mouse back and mouse forward available in other applications.


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    Hi,Is there a way to turn off icon move / drag and drop animation?Looks pretty s**t...1. Drag an icon from 1 location to another on desktop has significant delay in execution.2. Takes longer on multi monitor setups.Would love to turn that feature off as it make one think is that my machine that is lagging or the software is just badly programmed? I doubt it's my machine (i7 4790K @ 4.4Ghz, 16GB Ram, GTX980, SSD Boot, Win10 x64 pro, not the latest but more than enough for fenc...

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    What is happening is icons are placed as if it were a single desktop not unique to that desktop. So if you have 3 icons top left on desktop 1, and each below eachother, then move to desktop 2 and download another file to desktop it will be placed at the 4th position available which would be correct for desktop 1 not desktop 2, which has no icons on it, so top left most location is available.

    How to reproduce:

    Multi desktop enabled.Move to screen 1Open web browser download/save ...