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  • 08/06/17--07:02: forum 'ban game' two
  • since the other thread is breaking a lot time to start a new thread to keep going.



    i will start by banning everyone who bans here lol

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    Good day Everyone!
    I just recently updated to Windows 10 Creators Update. After the update, I'm experiencing a sort of delay whenever I clicked on anything on my desktop. Clicking the icons, right clicking. Everything has a delay on it.

    So I tried disabling Fences and voila! Instant response. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Fences, but performance is still the same.


    Using Fences

    Any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • 01/13/18--20:38: People will hit me, but.....
  • What ya listenin' to at the moment?

    Me?...a great bit of serious guitar work called 'Yo Momma', from Frank Zappa [Sheik Yerbootie] kinda music, and something even Hendrix would have been proud of....

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    CursorFX worked perfectly in Windows 7. Recently did a new install of Windows 10 and discovered that the selected pointer from Cursor FX disappeared behind the windows menu. Completely uninstalled it using Revo Uninstaller. Reinstalled the new trail version 2.16 from Stardock and now I am unable to activate any of the cursors from CursorFX. Only the default Windows cursor is activated. ¿?

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  • 01/15/18--12:49: start up problem Windows 10
  • I am using Windows 10 Home, version 1709 (OS build 16299.192) and Stardock Fences

    The problem I have, is that Windows does not start up properly. I get a black screen and nothing happens.

    When I restart everything seems to be normal and I get the Fences on my screen.

    Obviously, this is very annoying and I wonder if anybody can give me an explanation and solution for this behaviour.

    Many thanks in advance for your reaction.


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    Hi, Fences soo far works as expected apart from when I sometimes boot into windows 10 my fences swap their location onto the other monitor and visa-versa.

    It's as if the Fences detects the primary display as my second monitor and applies the fences to said monitor instead of my primary and visa-versa.

    Does this happen to anyone else with a two monitor setup?

    Cheers, Keith.

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    Make Windows Work the Way You Want it toWith over a dozen amazing apps in Object Desktop 2018Get the most out of your Windows desktop with a friendly community, unique user-made content,
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    Today, Stardock announced the release of Object Desktop 2018, the latest in the award-winning suite of more than a dozen software applications and enhancements that gives PC users the tools they need to make Windows® work the way they want it to. To celebrate the addition of Groupy in the 2018 edition, Stardock is offering special discounted pricing for a limited time. Learn more.

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    Fences 3.07.5 beta is now available from for registered users and Object Desktop customers. 

    This version adds localization support for Dutch, French, German, and Polish (in addition to the existing Simplified Chinese support). 

    There are also performance optimizations for people running with a large number of icons on their desktop.

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    I've installed Fences on 5 PCs/VMs and because the Windows Upgrade didn't worked I've installed Windows 10 again on two PCs. Now I cannot get an activation on these two PCs again. Is it possible to get the licence out of the Windows.old folder? Is there another way to activate them again?

    Best regards,

    Marco Kubon


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    Hard refresh.

    Ctrl + F5. Several times may be necessary.


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    I'm wondering if you are planning on adding a mirror fences options across multiple screens. I searched the whole web and It's something that nobody ever did but there are some requests online.

    Basically I use 3 screens to program and It would be really helpfull if I had the same desktop icons and files on all my screens.

    Best regards,

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  • 01/17/18--19:14: Firefox issue
  • How to fix this firefox issue? It's so messed up and firefox is unusable


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    After reading about Brads awesome Build. I also will be building around an 8700K. My question to you folks who have done so. 

    I am likely going to use an Asrok extreme 4 motherboard. 

    z370 extreme 4 (asrok)Samsung 960 Evo 250gig NVME M.2 

    The NVME was going only have Windows. That's it.

    All that lovely space only for the bloatware that is Windows 10 Pro. Ill  have a 4 terrabyte platter drive for storage and windows folders such as downloads, my documents and 'desk...

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  • 01/18/18--05:50: Got a new computer
  • How do I move the product key from the old to the new computer?

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  • 01/18/18--06:36: The dog thread
  • In honor of the new forum feature that lets us drag and drop photos into the editor I present you with: The dog thread.

    Post a picture of your dog!

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    Hi, my fences make my desktop black, mostly when i switch between multiple fences desktop, but also when i close a browser window, for example. when i draw my mouse on icon i see the the original blu appear behind some icons. I have a simple blu colored desktop and my graphic card is an hd intel with driver well updated. I'm currently working with two monitors, the laptop one and another. 

    Why do this happen?

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    See pics here:


    Any idea how to resolve this?



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    If you have compatibility issues with WindowBlinds and an application or game, please do let us know in this thread so we can investigate it and hopefully resolve the problem.

    Please make sure you are running the latest version of WindowBlinds first and that the problem exists with a theme included with WindowBlinds vs a downloaded one. 

    Please provide as much detail as you can, screenshots of the problem, information on the application itself, how to reproduce the problem and if...

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    Couldn't wait 'til after Christmas, which apart from Christmas Dinner and Christmas Pud is just another day for me these days. We'll just have a quiet dinner and day here among ourselves, and maybe visit or get a visit from my sister.  Other than that it'll be fairly non-eventful, which suits me fine.

    So anyway, I've been wanting to rebuild for a while now, and earlier this evening I decided to bite the bullet and order the parts I want:

    Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VI/AMD Ryzen 1700 bundl...

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    It's Friday so it's time again to feature a skin from the gallery this week! Today we have the Jago WindowBlinds by retiredmaster. This is a fantastic looking skin with a design you can use daily on your work or home PC. 

    Download here:

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  • 01/19/18--11:23: Random cycling stops
  • Sometimes Deskscapes (Windows  7) gets stuck on a dream and then refuses to continue cycling through randomly. If I open Deskscapes and click on Apply to all my monitors, the cycling starts again, but it doesn't start with a random background, but the first one in the list.

    The computer never goes to sleep, hybrid sleep is off, it doesn't hibernate either. The hard disk does go off after 20 minutes, the display goes off after 2 hours and the screensaver activates after 15 minutes and dis...

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  • 01/19/18--20:33: Icon Packager won't run
  • Hi. I just got a new computer, downloaded Iconpackager Enhanced and when I go to install it, I get a "BLOCK FOR MY PROTECTION" by an administrator message and it won't install. I switched to the free, basic version, was able to install it but it opens and immediately closes. I've checked all my permissions, disabled Windows Defender and my antivirus and still all it does is open and close and the enhanced is still blocked. HELP!!!!!?????

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    Start10 is a popular choice for Windows 10 users who appreciate the look and feel of the classic Windows 7 Start menu. Its range of customizations and options make it an ideal choice to install with the OS. I wanted to focus on one feature in particular today, which is using custom images for the Start button. Start10 already includes several options for you to choose from, and there are many more available for download at WinCustomize. 

    Get Start10 for $4.99

    Changing t...

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    Hi! So i'm using 144hz 2 screens and my problem is when i play games in fullscreen my animated wallpaper on the other screen stops. I know i can use borderless screen but then my game is set to 60hz for whatever reason. I've found a solution though but it's just random. I can in game change to fullscreen from borderless and then my animated wallpaper works and my game is fine until i alt-tab back, then the animation freezes again... DeskScapes is only eating 1% of my memory because i have a BEAS...