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  • 11/20/12--21:29: HP Artists Edition 2 theme
  • Hi, can any one please provide me the HP Artists Edition 2 theme it's located on the C drive under SwSetup\MyColors directory on Windows Vista, my HP dv6-1260se Artist's Edition 2 laptop hard drive crash and had to replace it with a new one and don't have any other means to reinstall the theme back, please help out... My email is [removed - Admin], Thank you

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  • 11/20/12--22:03: 5 Letter Sentence Game
  • Here is how it works.  I am going to give 5 letters.  It can be a word or just random letters.  You have to make a sentence from the letters I gave you and then you give 5 letters to the next person.

    Example:    mbdgw

                     My big dog gained weight


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    Hello, I've used a couple of Stardock's applications before, but this was the first time I've used Iconpackager. It has managed to do two things and failed to do another with the simple application of an Icon pack.  It couldn't actually replace all my icons, as it left seemingly random files as their original icons and when I tried to restore my Windows defaults before uninstalling the application, it mistakenly assigned certain icons as the new defaults.  


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  • 11/20/12--23:06: Creating Wallpapers
  • Hi,

    - as an professional artist, I plan to share some of my art work as wallpapers. Free of course, as it's only art work with my signature I put into galleries for sale.

    My question/s then is pretty basic:
    - I only want to upload the wallpaper (not a theme, but if anyone find something they would like to build a theme around, that's of course no problem), so what size (in pixels) is preferred - is there any resolution preferred - and what file format should I upload in?

    Thank ...

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  • 11/20/12--23:24: DreamMaker on Win8 problems
  • Downloaded DreamMaker on Win8, but when trying to start I get a message telling me that it got compatibility problems. When searching Windowns I read that I got to have to purchase Visual Studio first, and then ...
    Well, I did not plan to purchase VS - so is there any options anyone would know ?

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  • 11/20/12--23:53: Feature suggestion
  • I've only been using Fences for a few days. I only have a couple of desktops, but I see how this could get out of control. Since one of the descriptions likens moving to other desktops as on a smart phone, perhaps a "Home" button and the ability to designate a "Home" desktop. Another suggestion would be someplace to state the number of desktops with the ability to then "circle" the desktops. Rather like my smart phone when I reach my last desktop and I slide to the next (which doesn't ex...

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  • 11/21/12--00:22: Lord of the Zombies_WIP
  • New work in progress, comments welcome!

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    I'm reviewing a compilation of Millenarium discs at the moment, listening in the background while checking the forums.  It seemed reasonable to mix the two.  This is some of the kind of thing people listened to at courts and upper class gatherings in France and the Italian States in the early 14th century ACE.  The slow piece is followed by one that's more of a dance.  Both are heavily influenced by MidEastern music, which dropped like a bombshell on Eur...

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    Hello folks, stop me if you've heard this before, but changing a CPU is hard if you have no prior experience in doing it. Thought it would be something easy, just pop the old one out, pop the new on in, ladder some thermal paste on it, put the cooler on and BANG! That's all she wrote.

    Well, it sort of started like that. Got the old CPU out OK, put the new one in without hassle, got the heatsink cleaned, and began wondering just how fluid is thermal paste when I pushed on the...

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    This movie was so shyt to watch. What do you think? Are the days of troy and the lord of the rings finally over? Spartacus Tv series is so much more awesome than this shyt they spit out these days.



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  • 11/21/12--01:31: Word Association
  • After the last one was locked due to getting the servers in a twist, I felt compelled to keep the tradition going... My first word is.....



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  • 11/21/12--01:31: Keep a Word - Drop a Word
  • Quite simple:  I start off with 2 words.  The next person keeps one of the words and replaces the dropped word with another.

    Examples:  Run fast

                     Fast cars

                     Cars rock

    My word to start:  Christmas holiday

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    I'll start this off again....

    "You may be only one person in the entire world, but if you're really lucky you might be the entire world to one person.", follow this example, and please keep it nice.

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  • 11/21/12--01:53: People will hit me, but.....
  • What ya listenin' to at the moment?

    Me?...a great bit of serious guitar work called 'Yo Momma', from Frank Zappa [Sheik Yerbootie] kinda music, and something even Hendrix would have been proud of....

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  • 11/21/12--02:14: 25 Best Animated Movies
  • Okay, so I started the 100 Greatest Movies of the Last 25 Years, but it was too long and tedious, so I deleted it. Instead, I'll stick to smaller, simpler lists. For most of my inspiration, I go to Empire Magazine Online or AOL for their lists and just do my own variation, because theirs kinda suck sometimes. Like, today I'm doing 25 Best Animated Movies. Here's AOL's opinion: 25. The Simpsons Movie, 24. Dumbo, 23. The Triplets of Belleville, 22. Lady and the Tramp, 21. The Nightmare Before Chri...

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    ….so here’s a teaser!

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    This is nothing but an end run around the Fourth Amendment and Habaeus Corpus.

    c|net has discovered this marked departure from Leahy’s prior approach:

    “Leahy's rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies -- including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission -- to access Americans' e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also would give the FBI a...

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  • 11/21/12--05:10: 25 Best Movie Villains
  • I'm very happy today! McCain chose a great candidate and I'm really excited for her! This is going to be a great campaign and I'm eager to get this going! McCain-Palin '08! Anywho, today is lists, lists, lists. I'm in a mood and a frenzy on movie lists so that's what I'm doing again. First off, the 25 Best Villains!

    25. Grocer- Dan Akroyd (from Grosse Pointe Blank): Why he's great: He's a relentless, assassin with sly dark humor and a great cackle who gets killed by a television to the he...

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    Yesterday night I paid with Paypal for Windowfx and been informed that my order is in process, although the day before I paid also with Paypal and directly got confirmation to download start8. So this is normal?
    Please confirm as this is frustrating.


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  • 11/21/12--05:28: forum 'ban game' two
  • since the other thread is breaking a lot time to start a new thread to keep going.



    i will start by banning everyone who bans here lol

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